CMR Publications

Research papers

  • Sivaleela G., V. Deepak Samuel., T. Anbalagan and S. Shrinivaasu. (2013) Seagrass associated marine sponges in Palk Bay. Rec. zool. Surv. India : 113(Part-3): 01-07.
  • Abhilash, K.R., Gireeshkumar, T.R., Venu, S., Raveendran, T.V. (2013) Bioconcentration of trace metals by Saccostrea cucullata (Von Born, 1778) from Andaman waters. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences 42(3): 326-330.
  • Anand, A., Krishnan, P., Grinson-George., Goutham-Bharathi, M.P., Kaliyamoorthy, M., Hareef-Baba-Shaeb, K., Suryavanshi., A.S., Srinivasakumar, T., 2014. Influence of mesoscale eddies on commercial fishery in the coastal waters of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. International Journal of Remote Sensing (Accepted)
  • Goutham Bharathi, M.P., Mohanraju, R., Krishnan, P., Sreeraj, C.R., Simon, K.D. (2013). Stomach Contents of Banded Archerfish, Toxotes jaculatrix (Pallas 1767) (Toxotidae) from brackish waters of South Andaman, India. Asian Fisheries Science. 26: 243-250.
  • Grinson-George, Krishnan, P., Kamal-Sarma, Goutham-Bharathi, M.P., Kaliyamoorthy, M., Kiruba sankar, R. (2014). Efficacy of different modes in disseminating Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) forecasts: a case study from Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 61(1): 84-87.
  • Grinson-George, Krishnan, P., S. Dam-Roy, Kamal-Sarma, Goutham-Bharathi, M.P., Kaliyamoorthy, M., Krishnamurthy, V., Srinivasa Kumar, T. (2013). Validation of Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) forecasts from Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Fishery Technology, 50: 208-212.
  • Krishnan, P., Malathi-Balasubramaniam, Damroy, S., Kamal-Sarma, Rizwana-Hairun, Jai-Sunder. (2014). Antibacterial activity of bacteria associated with Stylissa sp, a marine sponge. Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences. 2:20-25.
  • Krishnan, P., Veeramani, S., Damroy, S., Kamal-Sarma, Kumar-Pavel, Jai-Sunder. (2014). Antimicrobial activity of Ircinia sp- a Marine Sponge and its associated bacteria from Andaman Coast. Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences. 2(1):37-41.
  • Sivaramakrishnan, T., Deepak Samuel, V., Patterson, J. (2013) Push net fishing at Motta Gopuram and Siluvaipatti in Tuticorin, Gulf of Mannar, South-east coast of India. African Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences 5(2): 91-94.
  • Subhash-Chand, Srivastava, R.C., Krishnan, P., Damroy, S. (2013). Valuation of mangrove services of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review. 2(6):130-137.
  • Venkitaraman P.R., Jayalakshmy, K.V., Abhilash, K.R. (2013). Effect of eyestalk extirpation on haemolymph ionic concentration of Metapenaeus monoceros. Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences 1(4): 265-279.
  • Deepak Samuel V, Thangaiyan Anbalagan, Manickam Nithyanandan and Naveen Namboothri. (2013). Watering Pot shell, Brechites penis (Linnaeus, 1758), A new record to India (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Anomalodesmata). Journal of Threatened Taxa 5(12): 4679-4681;
  • Deepak Samuel. V and Jamila Patterson. (2014). Embryonic development of the Pharaoh’s Cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis, Ehrenberg 1831) under laboratory conditions. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences. (Accepted) Manuscript # IJMS/ MS 2240/ 13.
  • Edwin Prabakaran. T, R. Jeyasingh Thompson and V. Deepak Samuel. 2014. A Study on the Morphometric and Meristic Characters of the Threadfin Bream (Nemipterus japonicus, Bloch 1791) off Chennai Coast. Indian Journal of Applied Research. 4(1): 521-524.

Papers in seminars/symposia/conference

  • Krishnan, P., Anand, A., Grinson-George, Gautham-Bharathi, M.P., Kaliyamoorthy, M. and Dam Roy, S., (2013). Sea Surface Height (SSH)-based Potential Fishing Zones: An approach for round-the-year dissemination of advisories in Andaman. In: Programme & Abstracts – The fourth IGCP 588: Preparing for coastal change. Chennai, India. 24-28 May 2013.
  • Krishnan, P., Grinson-George, Vikas, N., Titus-Immanuel, Goutham-Bharathi, M.P., Anand, A., Vinod Kumar, K. and Senthil-Kumar, S. (2013). Tropical storm off Myanmar coast sweeps reefs in Ritchie’s Archipelago, Andaman. In: Programme & Abstracts – The fourth IGCP 588: Preparing for coastal change. Chennai, India. 24-28 May 2013.
  • Robin, R.S., Abhilash, K.R., Ganguly, D., Patra, S., Subramanian, B.R. (2013) Intergrated approach for assessment of ecosystem health of a tropical brackish water lagoon: Chilika, India. In: Programme & Abstracts – The fourth IGCP 588: Preparing for coastal change. Chennai, India. 24-28 May 2013.
  • Sreeraj, C.R., Deepak Samuel, V., Sankar, R., Abhilash, K.R., Krishnan, P. (2014). Two new regional distributional records of sea slugs (Opisthobranchia, Gastropoda) from Palk Bay, Tamilnadu. In: Book of Abstracts – Zoology for future Teaching and Research, Queen Marys College, Chennai, India. 23-24 January 2014.

Book chapter

  • Krishnan, P., Grinson-George, Titus-Immanuel, Bitopan-Malakar and Anand, A. 2013. Studies on the recovery of bleached corals in Andaman: Fishes as Indicators of Reef Health. In: K. Venkataraman et al. (eds.), Ecology and conservation of tropical marine faunal communities, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-38200-025.