National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Government of India

Staff Details

  • image-rajkumari

    Dr.Rajakumari S Scientist - E

  • image-anna

    Dr.Gejo Anna G Scientist - D

  • image-badarees

    Dr.Badarees K OScientist - D

  • image-mary

    Dr.Mary Divya Suganya Scientist - C

  • image-muruganandam

    Dr.Muruganandam R Scientist - C

  • image-deepika

    Dr.Deepika B Scientist - B

  • image-madhumitha

    Madhumitha R Scientist - B

  • image-sarunjith

    Dr.Sarunjith K.J. Scientist - B

  • P0163-Vimal

    Vimal K C Project Scientist II

  • P0083-Sathiyabama

    Dr.Sathiyabama VP Project Associate III

  • P0161-Balaguru

    B. Balaguru Project Associate III

  • P0169-Bhuvaneswari

    BhuvaneswariProject Associate III

  • P0164-RamaSubbuLakshmi

    T.Rama Subbu Lakshmi Project Associate III

  • P0136-Karunanithi

    Karunanithi V Project Associate III

  • P0143-MaheshRenganathan

    Mahesh Renganathan Project Associate III

  • image-Soundarajan

    Soundararajan K Project Associate III

  • P0105-Anantha Kamatchi

    Anantha Kamatchi Project Associate III

  • P0202-Arun

    Arun Bharath Muthaiah MProject Associate III

  • Kumaran E

    Kumaran E Project Associate III

  • image-Rajaram

    Rajaram P Project Associate III

  • image-sundari

    Sundari S Project Associate III

  • P0197-Thulasi

    Thulasi Bai P D Project Associate III

  • image-Yogaraju

    Yogaraju R Project Associate III

  • P0194-Kasilingam

    Kasilingam K Project Associate II

  • image-Meenambikai

    Meenambikai M Project Associate II

  • P0277-Santhiya-Antony-Mary-GEO

    Santhiya Antony Mary Project Associate II

  • image-Malathi-GEO

    Malathi M Project Associate I

  • Swaramanjari PA

    Swaramanjari PA Project Associate I

  • P0309-Divya-GEO

    Divya V Research Assistant

  • P0326-Minnu-GEO

    Minnu AbrahamResearch Assistant