National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Government of India

ISE Publications

Research papers

  • John Sajan, A. Jagadish, Ramachandra Bhatta, A. Sridhar 2014. The State of Subsidies: Small-scale Fisher Perceptions on Subsidies in Karnataka Asian Fisheries Science 27 (2014) 45-60
  • Bhat, M. G., R. Bhatta, and M. Shumais 2013 "User-based Financing of Environmental Conservation of the Maldivian Atolls: An Application of the Travel Cost Model. Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, DOI 10.1007/s10018-013-0070-x.
  • B.S. Viswanatha, Ramachandra Bhatta and K.M. Shankar 2014. "An Economic Assessment of Fish and Prawn Health Management in Andhra Pradesh" Agricultural Economics Research Review Vol. 27 (No.1) January-June 2014
  • Ramachandra Bhatta 2013. "Trade-offs between Land Rights and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Coastal Karnataka" Journal of Land and Rural Studies 1(2) 229-243
  • Ian Cook, Ramachandra Bhatta and Vidya Dinker 2013. The Multiple Displacements of Mangalore Special Economic Zone Economic and Political Weekly, Vol XLVIII no. 33, August 17, 40-45p.

Papers in seminars/symposia/conference

  • Priya, P., Rajakumari, S., and RamachandraBhatta.,2013.Impact of Land Use /Land Cover Changes on Physical Space for Fishers in Kanyakumari Coast, India. (Accepted to be published in INSEE Volume)
  • DevarajAsir Ramesh, Priya P, Priya Narayanan, Karthi, N. ArumugamSenthilVel, and Ramesh Ramachandran., 2017. Decentralised Planning for Sustainable Livelihoods of fishermen: A study of two fishing villages of Tamil Naduin Dr. Gyanmudra& M Sarumathy (Ed), The New Rural Paradigm: Policies and Governance, NIRD &PR Publication, Hyderabad, Pages 169-184. ISBN 978-93-84503-72-7.
  • Priya Rajeev, S Rajakumari and Ramachandra Bhatta, 2013,An Assessment Of Accessibility And Governance Of Coastal Space By The Traditional Fishers, Seventh Biennial Conference of The Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE), Tezpur University, Assam
  • Ramachandra Bhatta & Priya Rajeev, Presented the research report on Social Well Being and Marine Conservation Trade-offs - Insights from the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve India in the international conference on "Small-Scale Fisheries Governance: Development for Wellbeing and Sustainability", Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS), Hyderabad, December 10-13,2013


  • Guidelines and resource manual for decentralized micro planning in coastal fishing villages