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Climate change research facility is a specialized central research facility with several advanced sophisticated state-of-the-art instruments for research in the areas of physical, environmental, biological, allied and interdisciplinary sciences.

The AIF is also equipped with a dedicated state-of-the-art clean room facility with very low level of dust, airborne particles of Class 100 workbench and Class 1000 room area, for the initial handling and processing of the coastal/ marine samples.

Analytical Capabilities:
  • Separation and quantification of organic biomarkers such as amino acids, fatty acids, lipids, alkanes, sterols
  • Molecular structure analysis of target organic compounds
  • High sensitivity, high precision elemental and isotopic quantification of metals, elements and gases
  • Non-destructive and relatively rapid analysis of major and minor elements
  • Trace level Greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, N2O) measurements
  • CHNS Analysis


  • Paleo-climate/Paleo-productivity
  • Blue Carbon
  • Organic and Inorganic Pollution
  • Organic Matter Characterization
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Greenhouse gases and climate change


Technical Manager

Dr. Dipnarayan Ganguly

Dr. Robin, R.S.


Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Make: Perkin Elmer
Model: PinAAcle 900 T

For the analysis of trace elements in ppb levels  from environmental samples  (water, biota and soils).

Carbonate Device

Make: Thermo Scientific
Model: KIEL IV

Enables isotopic analysis of carbonate samples such as  foraminifera, bivalves, brachiopods, otoliths, and corals when  coupled with IR-MS.

CHNS Elemental Analyzer

Make: Thermo
Model: Flash 2000

For measurement of elemental composition of  Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Sulphur in soils environmental matrix.

Gas Chromatograph with ECD + FID + HS

Make: Shimadzu
Model: GC-2010 plus

For the analysis of Greenhouse gases (CH4 & N2O). Automated headspace vial sampler is attached for analysing GHG (CH4 & N2O) from liquid samples

Gas Chromatograph with FID + Methanizer

Make: Agilent Head Space Sampler
Model: 7697A

For the analysis of Greenhouse gas (CO2). Temperature controlled methanizer is attached for the complete conversion of CO2.

Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Make: Agilent
Model: CN15173092

For highly precise and accurate measurement of trace organics (like chloro-phenols, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, unleaded gasoline, dioxins, dibenzofurans and phenols etc.) in water and soil.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Make: Agilent
Model: 1290 Infinity

For separation, identification, and quantification of different organic components (Lipids, Aminoacids, herbicides, Biomarkers etc.) in environmental samples.

High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (HR-ICP-MS)

Make: Thermo Scientific

For multi-elemental analyses with high sensitivity and low detection limits; without time-consuming pre-concentration protocols. And also to perform rapid and highly precise elemental isotope ratio determinations.

Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IR-MS)

Make: Thermo

For precise measurement of mixtures of naturally occurring isotopic ratio like; C-14, N-15, O-18 etc in environmental samples. Used mostly for climate research and palaeoclimate studies etc.

Total Carbon Analyser

Make: Elementar
Model: Vario TOC Cube

For fast and easy determination of total carbon and both organic and inorganic carbon in seawater and solid samples.

Clean Room Facility


Clean room environment with very low level of dust, airborne particles of Class 100 workbench and Class 1000 room area. Exclusively used for the sample preparation for ICP-MS, IR-MS and GC-MS

Gas Chromatography ECD+FID

Model: Agilent
Model: 7890B

Used for identification and quantification of ubiquitous pollutants like Pesticides in the environment.

Carbon Coulometer

Make: UIC, Inc
Model: Coulometer- CM5015
Acidification unit- CM5230
Furnace-CM 5300

Coulometer is used for rapid and direct estimation of different forms of carbon (Inorganic, organic and total) in environmental matrices such as; water, seawater, sediment and biota.