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The Coastal Hydrogeochemistry Facility is a NABL accredited laboratory, for analysis of water chemistry from the coastal and marine systems of India. This facility is equipped to perform diverse chemical analyses including cations, anions, salts, alkalinity, and dissolved organic carbon. High standards of quality control are maintained with inter calibration exercises at regular intervals. A dedicated weighing balance room, room for laboratory consumables, chemical storeroom, and walk-in-cold room (4°C) are attached to the Coastal Hydrogeochemistry facility. This national facility is equipped with good ventilation systems, environmental controls, laboratory chemical hoods, safety controls, and other exhaust devices associated with the highly sophisticated instruments.

Analytical Capabilities:
  • Inorganic analysis of water samples
    surface water, seawater, pore water, drinking water, waste water, and ground water
  • Waters: pH, alkalinity, conductivity, total carbon, total nitrogen, silica, phosphate, ammonium, total nitrogen, sulphate, nitrate, chloride, bromide, SRP (soluble reactive phosphorous), total dissolved phosphate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, manganese
  • Sediment: pH, salinity, phosphorous, phosphate sorption index (PSI), mineralisable N


  • Sediment and water nutrient dynamics
  • Pollution & Environmental Risk
  • Environmental Impact Assessment


Technical Manager

Dr. Kakolee Banerjee

Dr. Paneer Selvam A 


Automated Nutrient Analyzer

Make: Systea
Model: Easychem plus

For automatic, colorimetric analysis of nutrients from water, seawater and wastewater.

Auto Titrator

Make: Metrohm
Model: 877 Titrinoplus

Laboratory instrument for doing all types of titrations in automatic mode.

Auto Titrator (Computer)

Make: Mettler Toledo
Model: G20

Laboratory instrument for doing potentiometric  titration for measurement of total alkalinity in water samples.

COD Analyzer– Reactor Cell

Make: WTW
Model: CR3200

Thermoreactor cell for the digestion of waste  water for analysis of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD).

 Continuous Flow Analyzer

Model: SAN++

For fast, precise and simultaneous measurement of nutrients (Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonium, Phosphate, Silicate, Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphate) in trace amount of environmental samples.

Microprocessor based pH meter

Make: Metrohm
Model: 780

High performance instrument for precise pH measurement in environmental samples.


Make: Agilent
Model: Cary Eclipse

For analysis of biochemical compounds like proteins, CDOMs, PAH and porphyrins etc. in environmental samples.

 Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN)

Make: Borosil
Model: 100UID000006

To measure organic nitrogen and ammonia in environmental samples.

UV- VIS Spectrophotometer

Make: Agilent
Model: Cary 100

For colorimetric based determination of nutrients in environmental samples.

Microwave Digestion System

Model: PerkinElmer

For rapid and complete acid digestion of environmental samples for trace metal analysis.

Laboratory Salinometer

Make: Guildline
Model: 8400B

Recognised standard instrument for measuring  most accurate salinity in the laboratory  (accuracy better than 0.002 Equivalent Practical Salinity Units).

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Make: Microtrac Bluewave
Model: S3500

Laboratory instrument for particle size analysis  of environmental samples; particularly used to  understand the textural nature of sediments in coastal systems.

Flame Photometer

Make: Systronics
Model: Type 128

Used to determine the concentration of certain  metal ions like Ca, Na, Li, K in environmental  samples.

Wrist Action Shaker

Make: KEMI
Model: KWAS-1

Wrist action shakers are specially designed for  slow variable oscillations ranges from 10 to 200  RPM. It is used for mechanical equilibration of  water samples for trace gas analyses.

Walk-in Cold Room (4°c)


Laboratory facility for long term preservation of bulk quantity of samples.

360° Rotation Shaker

Make: Customized

A unique design of rotator makes it suitable for a  wide range of mixing applications in biochemical, biological and hydrogeochemical samples.