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The issues related to the coast are too diverse and complex to be addressed by one research organization and hence there is a need to strengthen the capacity of regional universities and research units along the coast so as to be the research partners of NCSCM, Chennai. The idea is novel and NCSCM is the first central research organization to have such a focused collaboration with regional universities.

Fourteen institutions have formed a consortium with the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management. NCSCM has put in place a road map for strengthening and expanding the existing NCSCM consortium, stakeholder network and prioritizing the community interface. NCSCM supports its partner consortium institutes by strengthening their core area of research, and building capacities on the core research mandates of the NCSCM. Such networks and partnerships will formalize multidisciplinary interactions in order to effectively address key coastal research problems. Research proposals are being prepared by the Consortium Partner Institutions jointly with the scientists of NCSCM in order to address the coastal issues through systematic research.