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CZMPs in 1:25,000 scale have to be prepared by the concerned coastal states/ UTs on the base map provided by NCSCM with the information on HTL and LTL for the approval of the MoEF&CC as per the CRZ 2011 Notification. For the local level application CZMPs are to be prepared at the cadastral level. There are occasions where for the project approval detailed project level CZMPs superimposing the project details are also required. These are to be prepared by the agencies authorized by the MoEF&CC. For this purpose the committee recommended that each agency will prepare coastal information system for the state or UT on GIS platform. The above CZMPs will be generated from this information system as and when required

Coastal Information System refers to GIS applied to the coastal zone for acquiring, storing, organizing, analyzing, modelling and managing geospatial data of the coastal zone. This data will be utilised for the purpose of CZMPs / ICRZ / IIMPs and also may be useful for various other applications related to Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), particularly in the area of

  1. hazard management
  2. coastal protection
  3. fisheries
  4. aquaculture
  5. tourism
  6. mining
  7. ports and harbour

For the preparation of the CZMPs the following essential details are to be inducted in the information system:

  1. NCSCM base layer based on SoI OSM Grid
  2. HTL/ LTL and CRZ categories
  3. Coastal land use and land cover and infrastructures (satellite/aerial)
  4. Administrative Boundaries
  5. Cadastral information
  6. Ecologically Sensitive Areas (ESA), Geomorphologically Important Zones and Archeologically Important and Heritage Sites and Critically Vulnerable Coastal Areas (CVCA) (satellite/ aerial)
  7. Hazard Line

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