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NCSCM is involved in research studies which deal with the Environmental pollution, its control measures and Management. NCSCM’s centralized focus is on continual monitoring of Coastal Zones of India and change in its ecosystem. To monitor in-situ conditions for both long and short term basis, NCSCM has several highly sophisticated oceanographic, optical and survey instruments.

NCSCM combines the best of our existing hydrological, biogeochemical, and ecological observations to understand the change and to help decision-makers to create policies and sustainably manage the resources. Our environment monitoring and observation system is long term.

Data Type:
  • In-situ current, tide, discharge, wave direction, sediment transport, solar irradiance, bathymetry and photo
    synthesis rate data
  • Online air quality, meteorological and physico-chemical data
  • Online greenhouse gas flux data


  • Oceanographic Study (Physical, Chemical and Biological)
  • Meteorological Observation and Study
  • Pollution monitoring and survey
  • Environmental radiation
  • Water Quality
  • In-situ greenhouse gas fluxes


Technical Manager



Acoustic Doppler Profiler

Make: SonTek
Model: 500kHz 3-axis (3D) current profiler

Used in oceanographic studies like; measurement of river discharge and directional wave measurement, which helps in modelling offshore wave transformation and wave induced current.

Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter

Make: SonTek
Model: 5MHz ADVOcean

Used in oceanographic studies like measurement of currents in surf zones, swash zones, estuaries and river channels, and determine erosion and sediment
transport rates.

Free Falling Optical Profiler

Make: Satlantic
Model: Profilier II, S.NO.196

Used for observations on optical properties of ocean including near surface measurements.

Three Channel ECO Sensor

Make: Sea-Bird Scientific
Model: FL3B, S.No: 4944

Used to determine FDOM, Phycoerythrin and Phycocyanin fluorescence.

Day Vision Binoculars

Make: Carl Zeiss
Model: Terra ED

Used for observation of flora and fauna associated with field surveys in mangrove forests.

Digital Hygrometer

Make: Extech
Model: SDL 500

For measuring humidity

Digital Lux Meter

Make: Extech
Model: LT-300

Field instrument for measurement of intensity of light within an environment

Digital SLR camera

Make: Nikon
Model: D3200

For taking photos during field surveys.

Digital Thermometer

Make: Extech
Model: 407907

Field instrument for measuring temperature of environmental samples

Electronic Distance Meter

Make: Leica
Model: D510

Portable equipment to measure distance, tilt and height of any object, like trees, construction etc. during field surveys.

Electronic Range Finder

Make: Apresys
Model: LRF TP2000

Used in field surveys for measuring distance from the observer to a target

Portable Salinity Refractrometer

Make: Extech
Model: RF20

Portable equipment to measure salinity of seawater.

Fully Rugged Field Note book

Model: B300

Laptop for particularly working in harsh field environment.

High volume Air Sampler

Make: Polltech
Model: PEM-ADS-2.5/10

For monitoring of RSPM and chemicals in ambient air from coastal ecosystems and EIA surveys.

Van Dorn Horizontal Water Sampler

Make: KC Denmark A/S
Model: 11.300

Water sampler intended for taking water samples near the bottom in coastal ecosystems and in stratified water bodies.

Infrared Thermometer

Make: Extech
Model: IR260

Measuring temperature of different surface materials (non-contact).

Leaf Area Index Meter

Model: 2200C

Direct contact method for measurement of leaf area, thickness, perimeter and ratio of length to width of leaves from coastal ecosystems.

Life Jacket

Make: Sigma
Model: Lalizaz Sigma 150N

Personal floatation device for field safety.

Mechanical flow meter

Make: KC Denmark A/S
Model: Hydrobios

This water meter typically measure and display water flow in the system. Generally, attached with Plankton nets.

Multi parameter Water Logger

Make: Hydrolab
Model: Sonde-DS5X

Compact and lightweight, capable of depth profiling or time series monitoring of water quality parameters during field surveys.
(Parameters : Temperature, Conductivity, Salinity, Depth, pH, DO, Turbidity, ORP, Chlorophyll-a, PAR)

Niskin water sampler

Make: KC Denmark A/S
Model: 60.400

Fully PVC made sampler used to collect water sample at different depths.

Noise Level Meter

Make: Cirrus
Model: Optimus Red

Measurement of noise in different environments for noise pollution studies.

PAM Fluorometer

Make: Walz
Model: Diving PAM-2

Instrument to determine In-situ photosynthesis and change in photosysnthetic physiology of seagrasses, macro-algae, submerged aquatic vegetation and zooxanthellae in corals up to depth of 50 m

Night vision Binoculars

Make: ATN
Model: NS5x50

To view nocturnal fauna in different ecosystems during field survey

Plankton Nets

Model: Customized

Collection of phytoplankton and zooplankton from the coastal waters.

Portable Direct Soil pH meter

Make: Hanna
Model: H199121

Laboratory instrument for precise pH measurement in environmental soil/sediment samples.

Portable Hydrocarbon Analyzer

Make: Petrosense
Model: pHa-100plus

For in-situ measurement of hydrocarbon in environmental samples.

Portable pH meter

Make: Hanna Instruments
Model: H1991002

For accurate, reliable & precise pH measurement of liquid environmental samples

Portable Soil pH/ ORP/ISE Meter

Make: Hanna Instruments
Model: H198185

Portable meter for measuring pH, ORP and anions/cations from water samples using ion selective electrodes.

Portable Spectro Photometer

Make: HACH
Model: DR 2800

Portable instrument for colorimetric based determination of nutrients in environmental samples.

Precipitation collector

Model: D-21255

For automatic collection of rain water, used for the chemical analysis in the laboratory


Make: KippZonen
Model: CMP 22

To measure energy from the sun (solar irradiance and solar flux density etc).

Recording Current Meter

Make: Aanderaa
Model: SeaGuard RCM

Used for directional current measurement and hydrodynamic modelling studies.

Scuba Diving Set

Make: Scubapro

For the safety of underwater divers
(in-situ studies of corals and seagrass).

Sediment Grab Sampler

Model: Van-Veen Grab

To collect bed sediment samples for geochemical, biological and environmental studies.

Shallow Water Echo Sounder

Make: ODOM
Model: Echotrac – MK III

Used for the bathymetric surveys of near shore and deep water in ocean.

Temperature Microchip

Make: Onset
Model: Hobo Pendant

Temperature data logger deployed underwater for Sea Surface Temperature (SST) studies in coral reef ecosystem.

Under Water Camera

Make: Nikon
Model: Coolpix

For taking photos of corals and seagrass during underwater field surveys

Wave and Tide Recorder

Make: Aanderaa
Model: SeaGuard WTR

Measurement of wave, wave radiation stress and water levels, used for storm surge studies.

High Accuracy Levelling Instrument

Make: Trimble
Model: DiNi

This instrument can be used for applications such as precise leveling of flat and sloping surfaces, establishing the vertical component of grade and ground profiles, subsidence monitoring, and establishing the vertical component of control networks.

Water Quality Probe(Optical)

Make: YSI
Model: 6920 V2

Field equipment for in-situ logging of water quality parameters like; Temperature, Conductivity, Salinity, Depth, pH, DO (Membrane), Turbidity, ORP, Chlorophyll-a, PAR.

Water Quality Probe with accessories (Regular)

Make: YSI
Model: 6920

Field equipment for in-situ logging of water quality parameters like; Temperature, Conductivity, Salinity, Depth, pH, DO (Membrane), Turbidity, ORP, Chlorophyll-a

Water quality profiler

Make: YSI
Model: Exo 2

Used for understanding of biogeochemical process along the coastal waters. Records parameters like; Temperature, Conductivity, Salinity, Depth, pH,
DO (LDO), Turbidity, ORP, Chlorophyll, BGA and FDOM etc

Weather Tracker

Model: SN690710

Portable equipment for monitoring meteorological parameters.

XRF-Spectrometer (Hand held)

Make: Thermo Scientific
Model: NITON XL2

For fast, in-situ, and non-destructive elemental analysis from magnesium to uranium in the periodic table.

Portable Depth Sounder

Model: PS-7

For measuring in-situ water depth, range ~0.8 – 50m.

Sediment Pore Water Extractor

Model: SK & SIC-20

For extraction of interstitial water from the pore spaces of sediments. To study the chemical interaction of pore water on the mangrove ecosystems.

Total Station

Make: Trimble
Model: S6 Robotic

Used in modern surveying that uses electronic transit theodolite in conjunction with Electronic Distance Meter (EDM). It is also integrated with microprocessor, electronic data collector and storage system.


Make: Trimble
Model: R4

DGPS (Differential GPS) is essentially a system to provide positional corrections to GPS signals. DGPS uses a fixed, known position to adjust real time GPS signals to eliminate pseudorange errors.

Portable Air quality monitor

Make: Airveda
Model: PM21510

Can measure PM 2.5 and PM 10 and gives immediate exposure to air pollution.

Portable UV-Spectrometer

Make: PhotoLab
Model: 6100VIS

Used in analytical chemistry for the quantitative determination of different analytes, such as transition metal ions, highly conjugated organic compounds, and biological macromolecules.

Handheld GPS

Make: Trimble
Model: JUNO/T41/5-BWC

A device that uses the Global Positioning System, combining modern geographic technology with a portable, user-friendly device for field purpose.

High Resolution Spectroradiometer

Make: ASD
Model: ASD FieldSpec 4 Hi Res

The ASD FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res is a high resolution spectroradiometer designed for faster, more precise spectral data measurements for a wide array of remote sensing applications.

Photosynthesis Analyzer

Make: LiCOR
Model: Li – 6800

To easily measure photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, stomatal conductance, PAR, and intercellular CO2.


Model: LP-80

Used to measure light interception in plant canopies to calculate LAI

Total Station

Make: Leica
Model: GDF321

Used in modern surveying that uses electronic transit theodolite in conjunction with Electronic Distance Meter (EDM). It is also integrated with microprocessor, electronic data collector and storage system.


Make: Trimble
Model: Geo- Explorer 6000

The GeoExplorer 6000 series handheld has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology for cablefree connection to other devices, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is equipped with a wireless cellular modem for downloading and transmitting data over the Internet for connections to networks.