Island Coastal Regulation Zone (ICRZ) Plan and Integrated Island Management (IIM) Plan for the Islands

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The Project

As per the IPZ Notification, 2011, Island Coastal Regulation Zone (ICRZ), are required to be prepared by the Andaman Administration for  large geographical areas under the ICRZ category namely North Andaman, Middle Andaman, Long Island, Baratang, South Andaman, Neil, Little Andaman, Havelock Island, Car Nicobar and Great Nicobar Island), and ICRZ plans have to be prepared for these islands.

The Island Protection Zone (IPZ) Notification, 2011, declares the coastal stretches (areas within 500 meters from HTL along seafront or up to hazard line if delineated on landward side) of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and their water area upto territorial water, as the IPZ for regulation of developmental activities.

As per the IPZ Notification, 2011, the jurisdiction of IPZ is applicable to:

  • The land area from HTL to 500 mts on the landward side along the sea front
  • ICRZ shall apply to the land area between HTL to 100 mts or width of the creek whichever is less on the landward side along the tidal influenced water bodies that are connected to the sea and the distance upto which development along such tidal influenced water bodies is to be regulated shall be governed by the distance upto which the tidal effects are experienced which shall be determined based on salinity concentration of 5 parts per thousand (ppt) measured during the driest period of the year and distance upto which tidal effects are experienced shall be clearly identified and demarcated accordingly in the ICRZ Plan.
  • The intertidal zone (land area between HTL and Low Tide Line (LTL)
  • The water and the bed area between the LTL to the territorial water limit (12 Nm) in case of sea and the water and the bed area between LTL at the bank to the LTL on the opposite side of the bank, of tidal influenced water bodies.


  • To prepare ICRZ Maps for ANI under the IPZ notification, 2011.

  • To conserve and protect coastal stretches of Islands of ANI

  • To ensure livelihood security to the fishing & local communities living in the coastal areas of Islands

  • To promote development in a sustainable manner based on scientific principles, taking into account natural hazards and sea-level rise.

Key Findings

ICRZ Plan in 1:25,000 scale map identifying and classifying the ICRZ areas within the respective territories of ANI in accordance with the IPZ guidelines

List of 10ICRZ Islands completed:

North  and Middle AndamanSouth AndamanNicobar
North Andaman IsSouth Andaman IsGreat Nicobar Is
Middle Andaman IsLittle Andaman IsCar Nicobar Is
Baratang IsNeil Is
Long IsHavelock Is

ICRZ – I (a)

Ecologically Sensitive Areas and Geomorphological features such as Mangroves, Sand dunes, Corals, Mud flats, Turtle Nesting Grounds, Salt marshes, Sea grass, Reserve Forest etc.

ICRZ – I (b)  –

Intertidal Zone (Between HTL and LTL)


Developed Areas (Municipal limit or existing legally designated urban areas)


Rural area (developed and undeveloped)

ICRZ – IV (i)

Water Area (LTL to 12 Nautical Miles towards Sea)

ICRZ – IV (ii)

Water Area of tidal influenced water bodies (Creek/River/Canal)

ICRZ Outcome:

The ICRZ Plans proposed to be completed would ensure effective implementation of IPZ, 2011 accomplished

  • Livelihood security to the fishing communities, tribal and other local communities living in the coastal areas;
  • Conservation and protection of coastal ecosystems
  • Promotion of sustainable development
  • Reduction of impact to the ecosystems by disasters.