The Knowledge, Governance and Policy Division (KGP) would facilitate the overarching requirement in the area of knowledge and skills development in coastal management, taking into account the needs of the research community, stakeholders, policy makers and the society.

The KGP Division would integrate data relevant to coastal management and create a national scientific knowledge base that facilitates improved decision making and policy formulation at the highest government and sectoral levels.

The KGP Division would undertake the following major programs:

  • Collection of all international best practices in ICZM and analysis of appropriate ICZM practice that can be used/ adopted in India with suitable modifications
  • Preparation of the evolution of ICZM ideas in various countries
  • Information on all base Coastal Zone Acts and judicial pronouncements of all countries would be collected
  • A database of all judicial pronouncements related to coastal areas from the various Indian High Courts and the Supreme Court; and the Environmental Tribunals
  • Guidelines for the preparation of ICZM Plan for State/ UT Governments (including sub-plans such as shoreline management plan) will be evolved
  • Training of trainers for integrated coastal planning and management
  • Compilation of database and analysis of gender issues in coastal areas
  • Communicating science and policy to the coastal communities and other key stakeholders
  • Creation of a National database repository for coastal management

The KGP would work as a central repository for the dispersed information on the Indian coast. The division would prepare guidelines for the preparation of ICZM plans for State/UT governments including the various strategies to be evolved by the other departments such as for shoreline management. Coastal management requires all the stakeholders to be interconnected at different scales in order to share information, knowledge and data to solve problems and conflicts facing the coastal area and livelihood of the coastal communities. The division would also enable networking at the local, regional, national and global levels. The KGP division will also be active in communicating science at various levels, especially at the local level in the vernacular. Training of trainers and other capacity building programmes will be organized periodically to build a strong and viable system for sustainable coastal management.


Dr. Purvaja Ramachandran

Scientist – G

Dr. Selvin Pitchaikani J

Scientist – C


ICZM Plan Preparation Guidance Document and Training Materials

Cryptofauna Monitoring System (CMS)