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The Marine litter Research Lab exhibits the contribution of science to understand and combat the problem of marine litter in the coastal and marine environment. Recently microplastic pollution and its possible consequences in India have been recognized by the scientific community, however, the extent of the crisis has not yet been quantified. Currently, marine litter generation, especially the plastic issue, is a problem that has grown out of hand. Its costs to society and marine environments are immeasurable and irreversible. This Lab is involved in the development of optimal methods to investigate the sources, transport, fate, and impacts of plastic marine debris. The lab also provides scientific inputs to policy and management initiatives for better coastal and marine ecosystems.

Analytical Capabilities:
  • Quantification, typology, sources of marine litter
  • Litter influx from rivers
  • Composition of microplastics
  • Impact of marine litter on intertidal biocenosis


  • Marine Litter Pollution
  • Microplastic Pollution and impacts


Technical Manager

Dr. Robin, R.S.

Dr. Raghuraman, R
Email :


Mechanical flow meter

Make: KC Denmark A/S
Model: Hydrobios

This water meter typically measure and display water flow in the system. Generally, attached with Plankton nets.

 FT-IR Spectrometer

Make: Perkin Elmer
Model: Frontier

Identification of polymers and organic compounds from environmental samples (both solid and liquid)

Stereo Zoom Microscope with Camera attached

Make: Nikon
Model: SMZ-25

Used for segregation ,identification and photo documentation of mega and macro organisms