Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management has developed expertise in preparation of ICZM Plan based on the predefined framework. The entire process requires coherent integration of several management sub-plans addressing major concerns along the coastal zones.

  • Coastal erosion (Shoreline Management)

  • Poor livelihood diversification (Livelihood Management)

  • Degradation of coastal ecosystems and habitats (Conservation Management)

  • Pollution due to sewage and solid wastes (Pollution Management)

  • Large number of tourists and inadequate tourism infrastructure (Tourism Management)

  • Increased frequency and intensity of hazards (Disaster Management)

  • Water Resources Management

Baseline data along with analysis of current land use, land cover and natural resource availability are considered while preparing the plan. Under all the management sub-plans, the existing and proposed activities are mapped systematically, to identify potential scope of improvements in meeting the existing challenges under different future scenarios.

In addition, land suitability analysis is used to sustainably rank the available target resources. Multiple thematic layer including Ecologically Sensitive Areas, hazard line, risk zones, bathymetry, fishing zones etc. are presented in geospatial platform for smooth decision-making. Future demands of space for various activities are estimated and a conflict-compatibility matrix is also prepared. Zones for various integrated and complementary activities (social, religious, economic, and geopolitical information) in the terrestrial-marine continuum are identified for the Plan area along the coast.

Finally, sector-specific recommendations are provided based on extended analysis of the various issues and several stakeholder consultations, resulting in implementable key actions for each management sub-plan. Spatial planning of the marine area is also integrated with the plan by including a Marine Spatial Plan (MSP) for the selected coastal stretch. The main components of MSP include mariculture, fisheries, ecosystem services, eco-tourism, renewable energy, shipping and navigation, coastal protection, carbon sequestration, waste disposal etc. The existing and required institutional structures and the role of various regulatory authorities for implementation of the pilot projects under the ICZM Programme are clearly defined.

Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Marine Spatial Plan of West Bengal